Smoking is something that people love to do. It relaxes them and chills their frazzled nerves. Whenever they're in a stressful situation or they have had a bad day, lighting up a smoke usually makes it all go away. But how do you think people react when they find out that cigarettes prices have been hiked? They get even more stressed and start smoking even more. While this may be favourable for Big Tobacco, it isn't for the regular consumer. A solution to this ever present problem is to buy cigarettes online.

Many people talk extensively about the perils of smoking but no one troubles himself with the fact that people's rights are trampled away with each new day. The are countless of papers and research being done (recent paper on smoking) but the restrictions and regulations on tobacco are growing increasingly fascist and no one seems to mind, because "it's a bad thing" and "the right thing should be done". This is the scariest thing of all to witness. When something is almost universally condemned as "being bad" with no thought whatsoever then you know that we're on the way to a totalitarian regime. What's it going to be next? Smoking wasn't condemned in the past as it is in the present. It was on the same level as drinking. So what changed from then and now? Technology? Science got more advanced? Medicine got more widespread? Perhaps. But this still doesn't explain why it's acceptable to waste your braincells with a glass of alcohol and having a bit of smoke in your lungs is not.

But I'm not going to talk about the health benefits of smoking. Put simply, if you buy cigarettes online, you can save ALOT of money. There are online duty free cigarette stores that sell every kind of cigarette brand imaginable. From the most common to the most sought cigarette brand, you are sure to find something that your lungs will love.

So why are retail cigarette prices so high? Taxes and surcharges. If you've ever been to an airport duty free store you will know what the REAL price of a pack of cigarettes is. That's why they are so popular, because you can buy cigarettes in bulk without paying any taxes or hidden fees. Clever merchants have caught on to this demand and they have each opened an online cigarette store accordingly. It's a new thing, and I have to say, I'm liking it!

Duty free cigarettes doesn't mean that they are of a lower quality. On the contrary, if you're buying cigarettes online, you will be able to select the area where they are made. For example, if you want European quality cigarettes with no FSC crap in them then I recommend to buy Swiss made cigarettes. They have the best blend of tobacco around, and you can be sure that you will be smoking some quality cigarettes. What's even more attractive to buying online is that you get worldwide shipping for free.
So besides having ultra low prices and offering free delivery, what are the other advantages of online cigarette stores? Well, for one, you can order at any time of the day. Whether it's night and you're dying for a fix or it's daylight and you're struggling to get through the day, you can order any amount you want and it will be delivered to your doorstep in less than a week. Buy cigarettes online and save yourself money to buy something nice that your wife has always wanted. Or just keep it for yourself and buy a nice cigar, haha! Choice is yours. Peace my friend.